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boredomTuneful Tuesday strikes again!


You’re not alone.


Do you ever get in a funk where everything seems gray? You can try to think happy thoughts, but mostly it’s just ughs and blehs. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me that veers off the path of rainbows and puppies and glittery joy.


Recently, I seem to have taken a seriously wrong turn and found myself hanging out in the Doldrums.  It’s a little town on the outskirts of Boo Hoo City. Not a happy place.


You’re not alone.


And despite all the things I tend to harp on, I still seem to find myself feeling insecure and just waiting for some massive shoe to drop and squash my hopes and dreams. And please excuse my phrasing here, but living like that sucks. (By the way, I never talk like that, but sometimes stinks just isn’t harsh enough.)


You’re not alone.


So far I’ve only found one thing that actually helps. Doing something for someone else. Today I bought a present for a co-worker, e-mailed a friend and managed to get away from whining for a sentence or two to ask about her life, and then went shopping for someone special’s birthday.


You’re not alone.


Of course, I managed to find my way back to feeling alone and like I’m never gonna get anything right. It really wasn’t so hard. I marked the path back with different lines from the negative script I like to play in my head. However, I ran into one little problem.  One undeniable fact.


I’m not alone.


There’s someone who wants to save me from the pain. There’s someone who wants to fix my brokenness. There’s someone who wants to change it for the best.


There’s someone who fights for me.


And although he meets me with different smiles, and while I don’t always recognize that it’s him who’s bringing about the relief, and even though I may think he takes way too long sometimes, the truth is he doesn’t leave me alone.


I don’t have a list of things to do to get yourself out of the bad place, but that’s okay– because sometimes all we really need to hear is that we’re not alone.


Things will get better.


God can do more than you think he can, and when you feel like curling up in a corner and letting the loneliness cover you up, just remember, he hasn’t left you.


You’re Not Alone by Marie Miller





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Cathy Baker
10 years ago

What a blessing to know — and to remember — we’re never alone. I’ve always found that when I visit you on the outskirts of boo-hoo city I’m focusing too much on myself, my problems. Focusing on others helps put things in perspective.

Great post!


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