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IntroductionOur Father in Heaven hallowed be

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This week we’re taking a look at the word YOUR.

You might think for us to fully comprehend the use of this word we would need to know exactly what the your is possessing, but nope.

That would be the next post on the Lord’s Prayer.

This week we will only look at the word your, and we will pause and remember the distinct gulf between us and God.

I know that might seem like an obvious thing to be pointing out.

God is God, and we are not God.

You probably already knew that.

However, the thing I think we forget a lot is the we’re-not-God part.

Sure, I would never claim to be God.

I would never say that I’m a supreme, all-powerful, all-knowing being.

I would never do that.

However, you might find me thinking I know best sometimes. I might even tell you exactly what’s what and expect you to take my word for it, and it’s in those places that I’ve somehow blurred the lines between the your and the my.

It’s easy to get mixed up here.

It starts out with me wanting to do the right thing (and by right I mean, the good thing that costs me the least) and that leads to me thinking I know what the right thing is, and then I pick and choose a little, and the next thing you know I’m a hop, skip, and a jump away from setting up the big world of MY where I have the last say (thank you God) and he’s just over there to back me up. 

Now I know what you’re thinking.

We do know a lot.

We can say most definitely that stealing is wrong and lying is bad.

And that’s great.

That’s part of our growing up and not being babies any more.

I guess the difference has more to do with pride.

It’s when we forget how little we do know.

Sure we may have the basics down, but we really have no idea just how huge God is and how big that gulf is between us, and exactly what it means that he loves us so much.

So perhaps we should spend more time seeking to understand what he’s wanting us to learn rather than pointing out what we think we know.

Maybe I’m wrong about this, but it seems like a lot of problems have started with people thinking that having the knowledge of good and evil somehow makes them right with God or gives them the ability to call their own shots.  

Only Jesus makes us right with God.    

Real living comes from trusting Him, believing the Bible, and listening for the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

It’s living on the edge every single day, realizing how little we know, and trusting God like we never have before. 






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10 years ago

Love your perspective!


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