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I can’t stop smiling.

I completely figured this wouldn’t happen. NOT because I’m a negative person, but because there’s a strong vein of realism flowing through me with regard to all things personal.

But I was proven wrong, and I’m doing the happy dance.

LifeWay has approved Through the Balustrade for its bookstores!

LifeWay Christian Stores has a process for books like mine to go through before they can be placed on their shelves. They are careful about what goes into their stores because they want to sell things that represent their heart.

And guess who’s going to be part of that heart?

Now, the letter of approval actually said,

 “We are pleased to inform you that we will be making your book available for special order in all LifeWay Christian Stores.  This will allow you to point people to a LifeWay to special order your title.  While we will not be adding this to our in-store assortment, we will monitor sales as we go forward.”

I suppose that means that if people want it, they will stock it, and until then folks are going to have to specifically ask for it to be ordered. That seems pretty fair to me.

So now it’s off to spread the word.

Will you help me?

Through the Balustrade is a wonderful alternative to the YA fantasy stuff of murder, vampires, mutations, and no hope that has become so popular. It’s not only a good story, but it also offers hope and looks at questions about faith, forgiveness, and love. You can read more about it on the SYNOPSIS page and catch some readers’ REVIEWS too.

Asking for your help isn’t easy for me. I don’t like to impose, but if you don’t mind would you let your friends know about Through the Balustrade making it into LifeWay? I appreciate all of you so very much, and I kind of feel like we’re in this together. You all are wonderful, and I appreciate your encouragement, prayers, and great suggestions more than I can possibly express by a simple “thanks.” But I’ll keep trying–thank you so much for your help.



I also wrote a poem of praise today when I found out the news!  


My Lord, my Savior 

You give me hope when the days look dark        

You offer me truth when the world speaks lies  

You make a promise when the hours mock faith 

I will hope in you. 

You feed my body and my soul.  

You wrap warm arms around me when I’m cold.  

You surprise me with goodness though I falter still. 

I will hope in you. 

Eternal, alive, real

From the beginning to the end  

As the stars drop from the sky

You made a way.  You paid the price.  You live.   And so shall I. 

You are my hope.


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Fred Larmore
Fred Larmore
10 years ago

Congratulations, Mary Beth. Lifeway is fortunate to have you “in the house.”

David Brannock
David Brannock
10 years ago

Mary Beth, I’m happy for you. So glad God has opened this door with LifeWay.


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