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“There’s two things you need to know to make it in life,” my great grandma Mady once told me. “The first one is you gotta know yourself. You ain’t gonna be anybody if you ain’t got that figured out. And the second thing is, you gotta know who God is. People live their whole lives thinkin’ they got him figured out, but they don’t know nothin’. God is bigger than all that, so start learnin’ now, and don’t ever think you got him all put in some box.”

My great grandma lived to be 91. When she sang in church, her whole being lit up. The loudest I ever heard her was when she was singing those old hymns. Although she didn’t finish high school, she was smart. She knew how to survive. And even though thunderstorms scared her into a tizzy, she was brave enough to love her moonshining husband back to a respectable place in society.

I’m not sure when she saw the truth about God or how she got to being comfortable in her own skin, I didn’t get to know her until she was in her 70’s. But one thing is clear. She never pretended to be something she wasn’t, and she always believed God would see her through life’s struggles.

The Bible shows us who God is. He loves you just the way you are. And he has created you to be unique, different and special. So, be yourself and get to know him, and take it from my Grandma, if you can get those two things down, you just might be okay. 

“The Lord is good to those whose hope is in him; to the one who seeks him.” Lamentations 3:25


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Carla Cupp
Carla Cupp
11 years ago

Gracias ! For sharing with us your talents and love for our creator. You are a model of christian to follow. Be blessed my friend!

Wilma Loy
Wilma Loy
11 years ago

Mary Beth, u r so good. Thanks for doing this—look forward everyday to what you are going to write. love u


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