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Young Businesswoman with Her Finger on Her LipsTaciturn 



1. inclined to be quiet; reluctant to join in discussion.

2. normally not talkative 

I don’t really feel much like talking, so I picked taciturn as my word for the week. Since I’ve already written a blog about quiet people, I won’t go over that territory again. Instead let’s focus on the importance of our words. 

Sometimes I think we live in a world where words don’t mean very much. People say they’ll be there for you, and then they’re not. Politicians make promises that are quickly brushed aside. Profanity is considered normal, and a person’s word isn’t enough to seal a deal. 

Words have become numerous and cheap and have lost their value. But yet there seems to be an importance attached to words that connects them with creation, Jesus, and a very old book. Maybe there’s more to the spoken word (or gestured, if you can’t speak) than just merely relaying information.

What you say speaks to who you are. That’s how people see you, get to know you, understand you. I don’t really think it’s a matter of whether or not you’re taciturn or gregarious (talkative). I think what matters is that when you do talk, you think about what you say. Who knows, your words might last a very long time. Make them count.  



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