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Perspicacioushaving keen mental perception and understanding, discerning; taken from the latin  perspicax which means “having the power of seeing through”

How perspicacious are you? I’m not so much. I’d like to have this quality though. In my novel, the main character is perspicacious. She just doesn’t realize it…is it perspicaciousness if you don’t know it? Maybe that’s an oxymoron. . . 

Anyway, back to you? How discerning are you? Have you bought any land in Florida recently? Given your credit card number to some strange pop-up window that keeps telling you that you can’t use the internet unless you pay them? When was the last time you met someone and had a firm picture of who they are?

Today I was at the grocery store in one of those check-yourself-out lines (love those things), and the lady at the check out next to me noticed I’d spilled some blueberries and chatted with me. Normally, I’m so self-absorbed I don’t really engage, but I noticed her. A few minutes later, she left….well, I didn’t really notice that she’d left. I was busy weighing my apples. But the next person that came to her register picked up a bag of groceries and said, “Hey, somebody just walked off without their groceries.” I stepped back and scanned the front of the store….and for a second, I seriously felt like I was in some Alias episode. And then I spotted her, dashed over to her, and reunited her with her forgotten groceries. I think that was a little perspicacious. 

Try to be perspicacious this week. Who knows what you might discover!


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