Posted by on February 11, 2013

Website photo1Have you ever thought extraordinary shouldn’t mean what it does?

I mean look at it.

When you break it down it’s extra ordinary. That’s really ordinary, completely normal, extremely common. But that’s not what it means.

Extraordinary means beyond the usual and normal, exceptional

You know how sometimes, we think life can be a bit boring? I mean you go to work or school, come home, and basically do a lot of the same thing. It’s ordinary. To have an extraordinary life, maybe we should take those normal, boring things and do something more with them, not wish them away or buy skydiving tickets. Take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. 

I hope you have an EXTRAORDINARY week, and that you settle for nothing less.

A friend of mine tuned me in to Carbon Leaf, so here’s one of my new favorite songs. It makes good use of the word EXTRAORDINARY!


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