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Configureto design or adapt for some specific purpose; to fashion after a pattern.

Personal ComputerComputers are not really my thing. However, I do like them. It’s just I’ll never get the ones and zeros thing or all the other little code thingys. I’d rather fill my brain with words, not numbers, and I’d rather think up different jobs for the computer to do rather than actually designing some program to make them do it.

It does fascinate me a little bit though. It’s like a whole other world with it’s own language and rules. 

I’ve recently been doing a lot of work with computers and learning new programs, and the word configure has come up quite often. Every time I heard it, I sort of knew what it meant, but not exactly. So, I looked it up. And I must say the term has endeared itself to me.

(Although I can’t help but pause here to mention that there are TONS of funny puns I could throw at you about now. But I con figure you probably wouldn’t think they’re as funny as I do.)

Configure” is endearing because, like that little ole bunch of wires and keys and stuff, I’m need to be configured too so I can really do the job God has planned for me.  He’s the master Programmer, folks. And in his hands we are being fashioned into the likeness of Jesus. I bet there are millions of stories of lives reconfigured by the mighty hand of God. Isn’t it comforting to know he knows exactly what needs to happen in order to get us to that place where we can achieve our specific purpose?

Configure…I wonder what God needs to do in me to configure me for the next thing in my life. He’s probably already doing it.  


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