Wonders of the Galaxy is a collection of space-inspired stories based on parables from the Bible. It’s a twist on a classic storytelling model that illustrates biblical truths using spaceships, aliens, and other worlds.


With nine contributing authors, this anthology of cosmic tales spans everything from killer plants to a trash-sorting prodigal to an interstellar pop idol. Packed with action, the stories illustrate God’s forgiveness, the choices we make, and living for the things that matter. 


This YA compilation of tales is exactly what you’ve been looking for to escape into other worlds and see truth come alive.


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“We are a people of stories. We use them to entertain, to teach, and to instruct. Sometimes they warn us of the dangers of wandering too far into the woods, or they can be a detailed story to explain how magnificent landscapes came to be. Story has always been the way we pass time, the way we connect to each other, and most importantly, how we promote our values.” ~ Wonders of the Galaxy: A Collection of Cosmic Tales


List of the Stories in Wonders of the Galaxy

  • Fallen Heroes by T.E. Bradford based on the parable of the rich man taking the lamb (II Samuel 12:1-4) “Alien vessel approaching.” The automated voice preceded a blare of alarms, their clamor reverberating through the close space and Davison’s skull as the warning repeated.”


  • Star Seed by Steve South based on the parable of the mustard seed (Luke 13:18-19) “The lightsail was small, it was hard to see at first. The white flash of the propellant gas that had released it was gone, lost in the vastness of space. Dr. Benton Aric pressed his forehead up against the plexisteel window, searching for the glimmer showing the sail’s location. The bone-chill of the void burned cold against his skin, but he ignored it, string out into the blackness.” 


  • The Pearl of Great Price by MB Dahl based on the parable of the pearl of great price (Matthew 13:35-36) “His hands shook. Was he really going to do this? Everyone else in the universe would think him crazy. His fans might not forgive him. They wouldn’t understand why he wasn’t singing about love and good times. When he looked at the big picture, though, all he could see was who he would be if he didn’t do what he could, and that picture looked a lot like Bitterman.


  • Destination Kharis by L.G. Westlake based on the parable of the lost sheep (Matthew 18:12-14) “Yesterday I had sat in the elite seat of an AG news producer. Today I was a fugitive. I ran for the open port. We might make it.”


  • Basilica Obscura by Jason William Karpf based on the parable of the wicked vinedressers (Matthew 21:33-45) “It was not our only chance. It was just easier for your people to send us to the valley of lepers than modify the Mothership’s DNA. You have your history books. We have ours …But in the end, we’re alive because our Lord is alive. You’re alive too, because of him. I save you in his name.”
    “Your only chance for survival was to escape The Rings.”


  • The Third Ship by Erica Marie Hogan based on the parable of  the good samaritan (Luke 10:25-27) “His father named the rusty little merchant ship berthed in the middle of his field the Emarilis, after his little sister’s favorite flower.” 


  • The Prodigal Pilot by Aaron Gansky based on the parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32) “Hard to say what smelled worse—the garbage we collected, or the Captain’s halitosis.”


  • Speculative Trades by Brett Heaston based on the parable of persistent widow (Luke 18:1-8) “I position my Holox feed to watch the start of the Illicium Dark War—a war of my own creation. I take up my drink and get comfortable in my chair. Something is strangely fulfilling about engaging in a conflict via proxy.” 


  • Dark Sun Rising by Travis W. Inman based on the parable of the fig tree (Luke 21:5-33) Garrett tried to push through the crowd gathered in the Capitol Hall to watch the holographic monitors issuing a warning about the sun’s imminent death.” 


Published by Elk Lake Publishing

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What in the world is a space opera?

A subgenre of science fiction, a space opera is an interplanetary story of heroic exploits, adventures, and out-of-this world romance. Some examples of popular space operas are: Star Wars, The Hitchhikers Guide, Starship Troopers, Buck Rogers, Serenity, Dune, and John Carter.

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"We exist to captivate our readers and carry them to places of escape, encouragement, education, and entertainment--to broaden their horizons and urge them to new heights. More than anything else, we want to point people to Jesus Christ."

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The anthology includes original art work by Liz Dahl

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