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Winter Olympics 1The Saturday Slant takes a look at the Olympics. I’m not much for watching TV, especially not sports, but I’ve found the winter Olympics to be super enjoyable. Here are a few reasons why. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments!


No Olympic Envy. I’m not watching and wishing I could be out there hitting the slopes.

They’re all doing things I’d never, ever want to do like hurtle downhill with two tiny pieces of wood strapped to my feet while I teeter on the edge of losing total control or flying headlong down an ice tube trusting a skinny little board with my life while I wear a painted on suit that shows how big my butt is.


Total Respect. They’re all winners in my book, and that’s not just because they can stay out in the cold and not complain about it.

Most of them (Curling, excluded. Sorry guys.) are participating in a sport that could kill or maim them. You don’t see that in the summer Olympics so much. Swimming and running just aren’t as dangerous as careening down a mountain going 80+ miles an hour or trying to maneuver your snowboard on those silly poles while keeping your pants up.


Winter Olympics 3The Outfits Rock. Have you watched curling?

Some of those getups (I mean uniforms) are super cool. Even the use of suspenders in the men’s freestyle is entertaining. And most of the ice skating costumes are sparkly and wavy. Who doesn’t love sparkles?


No Surprises. Since they are nine hours ahead of us, there doesn’t have to be any suspense.

I don’t like suspense. I read movie reviews, so I know what happens. So it’s nice that this year, they are ahead of us, and I can watch replays instead of live coverage. I very much appreciated knowing that Shaun White didn’t medal while I watched that incredible first run.


It’s Continuous. I can pretty much watch some Olympic event at any point in my day.

That’s so nice. And I haven’t see one gruesome killing, crazy maniac, or raunchy commercial for a sitcom I don’t watch. I do miss Castle, though.


Stories.  There are tons of personal interest stories.

I love hearing about someone’s journey to greatness. Their struggles, their triumphs, their hopes, their dreams. It’s like reading their Facebook page, but better.


Winter Olympics 4Inspiring.  They’re all just normal people, and look what they’ve done.

Several times I’ve heard an Olympian encourage people to hold onto their dreams and stay true to themselves. That’s kind of inspiring.


Curling.  For some reason, I could just watch them slide those silly stones toward the “button” all day long.

Plus curling is the only winter event I’ve ever actually tried. (If you don’t count the time I stood on the side of the ice rink trying not to fall down or the time I went sledding at the White’s with four people on my sled. “Feel the rhythm. Feel the rhyme.”)


It’s Beautiful. Snow-capped mountains. Need I say more?

And during a time of the year when I don’t venture out as much (and the snow isn’t as beautiful in my own backyard), it’s nice to watch it all from the warmth of my sofa.


Winter Olympics 2It’s Exteme.  

From the backwards skiing of the men’s freestyle to a snowboarder tapping the head of a giant Matryoshka to a skater throwing his partner  in the air and catching her with one hand, there’s always something crazy going on.  


Are you watching the Olympics? What’s your favorite part?

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