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Swings at BeachPerhaps you think this topic screams of being shallow and unimportant, but I’m going to ask you to pause and just think about it for a minute. We’ve been in a pattern of cold, gray, wet weather for the last 5+ days, and it seems that everywhere I look people are drained, lacking energy and downcast. Maybe that’s just my perception or maybe we’re all missing the sweet, wonderfulness of the sun. Psychiatrists agree that a lack of golden rays can affect a person’s energy level. 

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD—I didn’t make that up, btw) hits people during the winter. As a subtype of depression, it has its own DSM-IV code in the Psychiatric Diagnostic Manual. It can cause people to lack energy, gain weight, and have difficulty getting up in the morning.  The lack of energy associated with SAD can debilitate the individual and interfere with their day-to-day life. It can be serious. But it’s also treatable…with light. 

MP900178740Getting outside on an overcast day helps fight off the “winter blues,” and turning on the lights inside the house helps too. Exercise is also a treatment. I didn’t read this anywhere, but maybe just realizing that the weather can affect your mood could be an offensive strategy in the battle against the ‘gray day.’ We’re headed into Day 6 of cold, wet, lousy weather. I think that just might call for something to pick up my spirits. Now I prefer to crank up the music and dance around my well-lit house, but you might find a good book brightens up your life. It’s called taking care of yourself, and it’s okay to do. You’re important. 

MP900227568Fortunately for all of us, Spring is on the way. I know it’s only January, but that just means we’re closer to warm, happy weather! Hang in there! And don’t forget to stay in the light…and if you really want something to help your heart, look to God. He’s the healer of sad hearts. 

   “….God is light; in him there is no darkness at all.” I John 1:5 

What do you think about the weather?


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Don Hanle
Don Hanle
11 years ago

Mary Beth, I’m ready for Spring. I love the sunny days also. Dorothy


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