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stop high interestOn my way to work this morning, I saw four people NOT stop for their stop sign.

They all pulled out of neighborhoods onto a busy road, and they all pulled right in front of me. I saw the first guy as he approached, ran the odds in his head, and decided to go instead of stop. The next three followed suit out of the next three side streets. It was like they had planned it or something. 

It’s not the “getting cut off” that bothers me.

It’s their complete disregard for safety just because they’re in a hurry. What’s the deal? Do you seriously want to risk an accident so you can get to work a few seconds earlier? 

There’s more to it than just safety, though.

When I take a closer look, I see myself–not the running stop signs thing. I’m a “count two seconds” kinda girl.

…One thousand and one, one thousand and two…

What I see that really bothers me is the hurry of it all. I hate that I rush through life sometimes, and that person zipping on his way just reminds me of what I’m missing. He flies by and never stops to notice what’s around  him. Forget the on-coming car, take a second to notice how the sunshine tops the trees in the morning or how there are still a few stray frogs chirping away the night.

Just sit there and look into the faces of a the passing drivers as they speed off to their destinations. Will your paths ever cross again? 

Slow down and stop, just for a few seconds and remind yourself that you are loved…even on the loneliest of days. That there’s a purpose for you, a plan, a hope, a future.

Life seems so much busier to me now.

We should have built-in stop signs  in life. Not the kind that put you in the hospital or in divorce court, but stop signs that could maybe help steer you away from those other roads.

Maybe if we took time to think a little more about the choices we make and the direction of our lives, maybe then we’d see and hear God more clearly.

I think God’s pro-stop signs.

He gave us one in the ten commandments. Of course, I could be wrong here. But I’m pretty sure stop signs were never meant to hurt anyone or even keep them away from where they want to be. No, stop signs only help to ensure that you have a good grasp on where you are and where you’re going. And that you get there safely.

What do you think about stop signs?

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Wilma Loy
Wilma Loy
11 years ago

Not sure what I think about stop signs, but I know what I think about you.

I love you, and love your writings—-you are so good.


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