Posted by on February 13, 2013

The fight with sarcasm has begun. 

Day 1 – I do a quick word study on the “tongue,” and try to commit Proverbs 25:11 to memory. (Must remind myself that “aptly spoken” does not mean delivering the perfect zinger.)

Day 2 – Things are going well. I held back my sarcasm when the girl who cut in front of me made a comment on how people don’t seem to understand what the 12 items or less sign means.

Day 5 – Continued with word study. Yowzer. I’ve got more problems with my mouth than just sarcasm. Haven’t been doing so well lately–three awards shows and all those stars make it hard for me to NOT comment on those crazy dresses and silly hairstyles.

Day 7 – Noticed that a case could be made for Paul being sarcastic at times…going to study this more.

Day 10 – Wondering if maybe I’m not sarcastic…maybe I just have an acute ability to identify irony in the mundane.

Day 12 – People are starting to wonder why I’m not talking so much anymore…

Day 15 – There’s hope! I’ve found something that helps fight my sarcastic bent…COMPLIMENTS. Instead of highlighting the negatives, I honestly try to find something positive and focus on that. Of course, the compliments need to be said with the right tone and be genuine. (Just so this is clear–complimenting someone on their agility right after they’ve tripped is NOT really a compliment.)

Day 25 – A word aptly spoken…timing, heart, and kindness are invaluable and rare. I discovered that sarcasm wasn’t exactly the problem. It has really been a matter of my heart.

The battle rages on, but a new commander is at the helm.

What do you think about sarcasm? 

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George Loy
George Loy
11 years ago

Thanks, as always.

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