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So far I have an idea about tomorrow’s post (hello again Quadratic formula!) And Friday I’ll be reviewing It’s a Wonderful Life (the movie, NOT the INCREDIBLE stage performance that my daughter will be shining in). Saturday’s short story is ruminating in my brain, but today’s big question has left me a little stumped.

Not rambling

I’m not opposed to keeping my mouth shut and not writing anything for today. I mean what good does it do anyone if I’m just manufacturing something that I don’t really care about. How many people have you heard go on and on about something when they should’ve stopped ten minutes ago? I don’t want to be that person. I like being quiet, but I have gotten grief for it through the years. Being quiet does have its downside.

The problem with quiet people.

I have a wonderful friend who’s often told she’s “one of those quiet people,” as if it’s some sort of disease to be quiet and not throw your two cents worth in every time there’s a lull. She’s a lawyer, and when people find that out, they usually follow it with, “Really, I would never have guessed you’d be a lawyer.” What they’re pointing out is that she’s quiet. (No lawyer jokes here.) They just can’t see her standing in the front of the courtroom commanding the crowd. But she’s not really quiet. She’s smart, funny, creative, and careful with her words. She doesn’t gossip or say mean things about anyone. And if a conversation goes that direction, guess what, she stays quiet. She shares her opinion when she wants to, but she doesn’t interrupt anyone to do it.

Please say something

So why do quiet people get singled out? We don’t normally think kindly when someone says, “You talk all the time. You never shut up.” But we don’t think twice about pointing out that so and so is quiet and never talks. I say let them be quiet! And if we don’t really have something to say that will help a situation, encourage someone, or honestly express where we are, then maybe we should be quiet too.

Here, here!

So here’s to all the quiet people of the world. 

What do you think about quiet people? 

(I guess I did have something to share after all. . .or maybe I should’ve kept my fingers still and let this one go…hmmmm…and that’s the danger of speaking up…you just might say something you shouldn’t, and from there we learn to say thanks be to God for his love and grace. And cheers to all the quiet people! And peace to all the loud ones!)



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11 years ago

I love your blog, Mary Beth:) So thought provoking and honest! So here’s my two cents on “quiet people” (of which I am NOT one;)… Many “quiet” people I know are not quiet because they have nothing to add… but because they are not confident enough to say what they think, they have never learned to speak up, or they’re too tired, etc… to share. Rarely do I think it is because a person has absolutely nothing to add. I think it all depends on one’s motivation: if one is quiet to keep from doing wrong (like gossip), then, awesome–but… Read more »

11 years ago
Reply to  marybethdahl

I agree with you about the “over-talkers” and a lack of confidence as well…

You have no idea how much I miss you all right back! Great job blogging so often:) Blessings!


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