Posted by on February 27, 2013

Woman with Car Trouble on Her Cell PhoneMy sweet Vanna the White broke down yesterday. That’s really nothing new. She’s got 200,000+ miles on her, and she’s 15 years old. Our mechanic said he’d recommend a junk yard, not costly repairs.

I noticed during my Facebook stalking that a friend of mine has a leaky roof which has caused part of his ceiling to fall. He made reference to that old movie “Money Pit,” and tried to be hopeful.

Bad stuff happens in life.

These things aren’t even the really bad stuff.

They’re just HUGE inconveniences and expensive and discouraging.

But I like to hope that they’re also useful somehow. Not that God planned for my van to die an untimely death, but that even through that I can be reminded about what’s important in life. I asked God to help me grow up, to help me grow closer to him, and to help me understand how life works, and my van broke down…now, I could get mad about that. Pouting is something that comes easily. I really don’t need any life lessons to help me there. However,  I do need some lessons in NOT falling apart when all my ducks don’t line up.

So yea! I got an opportunity to learn. How would I ever learn to clean up the milk if I had never spilled it in the first place? Or (and this is even harder) how would I ever learn to love the guy next to me who so carelessly grabbed the salt and knocked my milk glass across my plate unless he actually did it?

We can simulate situations and visualize, but until your roof actually falls in, you really don’t know how you’ll handle it. 

What do you think about life’s inconveniences?


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Wilma Loy
Wilma Loy
11 years ago

another good one. Mary Beth you are so good. GOD BLESS YOU.

11 years ago

I suppose we just need to keep everything in perspective of trying to see how God sees and try to find a positive spin on it. The other week, I spilled a vase of flowers all over my desk and got a bunch of papers for school soaked. I wanted to scream, because I was not only late for meeting someone but also I didn’t want to reprint and copy all my notes again. Then, I remembered that I had forgotten to change the water in a few days, so I just laughed at myself and cleaned up my mess… Read more »

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