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MP900148964You have thought about this question, right?

I’m not the only one that looks up at the stars and wonders just a little about extraterrestrials, am I?

I found three definitions for the word ALIEN. Two of them I knew, but one of them I had never really thought of before, and not to make this all about me, but I could easily qualify for all three definitions. 

1. An alien is someone from another country. Sure, here in the sweet USA, I’m not an alien, but ship me off across the sea, and that is exactly what I would be!

2. A person who is estranged or excluded. Maybe it’s usually me estranging and excluding myself, but still, on certain days this one’s true.

3. A creature from outer space. Okay, this one’s more of a stretch, but the Bible does say we’re aliens here, foreigners and that our home is not of this world, so….

It used to worry me. The alien thing. I’ve seen the movies. Read the Hitchhiker’s Guide. Ridden the Men in Black ride at Universal. Aliens are hardly ever friendly.

ET was an exception.

Besides the total-annihilation factor (which is a pretty big deal), the presence of aliens elicits questions about matters of creation. Who made the aliens? Do they need saving too? How do they fit in to what the Bible says? Are aliens really angels or demons? 

Lots of questions, not many concrete answers.

I have come up with a few thoughts though. (Surprise!)

     *It seems logical that if aliens are out there then God knows about them, and that puts me in the same place I keep coming back to with everything else in my life–trust God. It’s not rocket science…it’s faith.

     *If aliens exist, then doesn’t that speak even more to the presence and protection of an almighty God. If they’re as advanced as Hollywood makes them out to be, they could have destroyed us long ago…except the great creator of the universe is in control and won’t let them.

     *And finally, perhaps we should focus on definition 2 more than number 3! (And I’m taking for granted that definition 1 isn’t really a hardship, unless you’re about to be deported, and then maybe you need some attention too.)

Shall we focus on the person who is excluded and left out?

You might not notice them right away. They usually sit off to the side. They don’t make a fuss, and they don’t complain. If you look closely, you can see it in their eyes, the desire to be wanted, accepted, heard. They don’t want to change who they are to fit in, so instead they are estranged from the group and forgotten.

We might say to them, “You’re fine.”

But that won’t take away the stabbing loneliness they feel.

And in the Christian world where we tell each other how God is always with you, He loves you, He accepts you, loneliness can often feel like a lack of faith. Surely, all those wonderful truths should be enough to make me feel better, to help me know I’m not alone. 

But it’s not.

And personally I don’t think that God ever meant for us to be islands. It’s not good for man to be alone. We all need friends.

Maybe you already have all the friends you need, but I bet you might know someone who doesn’t. Did you notice the person sitting on the fringes of the last meeting you went to? Do you know anything about them besides what you think you know? Will you be their friend? Will you befriend an alien today? Extend a little love? 


Maybe you feel like the alien, all alone and on the outside looking in. Loneliness hurts. And it’s weird how we can feel lonely in the middle of a crowd. Don’t lose hope, my dear. From one alien to another, you will make it. You will find your way. When God said that it wasn’t good for Adam to be alone, he made him a friend. He will bring one your way too. Just give it some time. 

What do you think about aliens?





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Tammie Fickas
11 years ago

Great thoughts, Mary Beth. I’ve thought the same about space aliens, that if they’re there then God knows them. Great minds, right!?!

I’ve never really thought about those that fall into #2, but you make good points. Food for thought :o)



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