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What’s your perspective on the next 10 Years?

This isn’t the original blog I wrote for today. The original one is about me not holding back and getting out of my comfort zone to experience life. But I’ll have to hold that one back for a week or so. (Irony of ironies!)

I just couldn’t post a normal blog and not acknowledge I’ve been AWOL for the last few weeks. Nor could I jump into expounding on my “not holding back” without updating you on all that’s happened from my new perspective.

formattingFirst off, this weekend I will send the sequel to Through the Balustrade off to my editor. I’m very excited. This book goes deeper than my last one and packs more heart, action, and (hopefully) depth. The reactions from my beta readers were very positive and encouraging, and I can hardly wait to have a launch date to share with you. I’ll keep you posted. It’s still way too early yet.


Looking forward

In addition to novel writing, I’ve done TONS of research over the last year. What started as my pursuit for a brand has ended up being a life-defining journey that’s landing me in a study of the Holy Spirit with my fingers now poised to type out the good news in as many ways as I can dream up.

perspective-postThat leads me to my next big plan of change which will be my website. A redesign is about to begin. I don’t have any dates for the big switch over yet. I just didn’t want to start all of that and not mention it to you.

Some other things to watch for are:

  • a newsletter to keep you updated and facilitate story giveaways a little easier
  • videos to share the stories better
  • and of course more great stories!


Looking Back

So that’s where I am. How about you?

perspective-by-10-postI did a “10” check the other day and looked back over the last 10 years. It surprised me. I hadn’t realized how much my life had changed in the last decade.

I went from being unpublished with nothing much to share to being an author, blogger, editor and a much more productive human being.

Ten years can make a big difference. Where were you 10 years ago? Do you know where you would like to be in 10 more years?

My journals from 2006 don’t have a lot to say about my writing dreams. Back then I couldn’t even imagine where I am now. I didn’t know about everything God would bring me through. Life was smaller. My perspective narrower.

These ten years haven’t been easy, but I’m thankful for them. They brought me closer to God, and he changed me. He changed my perspective, gave me confidence, made strong in my weakness. And He has given me hope for my next 10 years.

How about you? How’s your 10 looking?


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David Brannock
7 years ago

Happy 10th writing anniversary, Mary Beth! Congratulations on your sequel to TTB going to your editor too! During the next 10 years, may God bring you even more growth and blessings than what you’ve received during the past 10.


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