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I miss him.


And for some reason, I’ve been listening a lot to him lately, so it seems only right that I highlight one of his songs for my Tuneful Tuesday. The problem, however, is trying to pick one. I’m not really sure which one is my favorite. It probably depends on what’s going on in my life. Hold Me Jesus, The Color Green, Awesome God, Step by Step, Screen Door, Sing Your Praise to the Lord, Verge of a Miracle, Elijah, and I could go on.


Rich said once that we shouldn’t depend on music to feed our faith, that music is more about entertaining than edifying. He emphasized looking into the scriptures if you really want to grow, not listening to his music. But I think his music teaches something too. Maybe it’s just a chord wrapping its arms around me and telling me there’s more or maybe it’s an undeniable pounding that demands I stop feeling sorry for myself and take a look at the lost and my Lord, but it does teach me, and I’m grateful for the gift of music.


Since I can’t decide on my favorite song, I’m going to share one for the person out there who’s hurting and doesn’t have much hope left. This song was originally written after Rich talked with a young boy at a youth retreat. The boy shared with Rich how he had failed at a suicide attempt and how he felt like a complete failure. Rich talked with him that night, and then wrote Verge of a Miracle. 

When you’ve played out 
Your last chance 
And your directions 
Have all been lost 
When the roads that you look down 
Are all dead ends 
Look up 
You could see if you’d just look up              

(This version isn’t the greatest, but I really like the live version better than the other one, so I’m linking a live version. Plus he talks a little bit about the song at the end.)  




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