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The astronomical clockTiming.

You ever think about it?

What might have happened if you’d taken that call?

Where would you be now if you’d said no instead of yes.  

How might life have been different if you’d turned right instead of left?

Those are things we will never know. 

What we can know is this is our life.

A big part of life is what we make of it–it’s up to us, and I think the other part is up to God, and somehow, together, our life becomes not just a series of successes and failures and learning experiences, but a tool.

Not just any tool. No, this tool isn’t a lifeless mass manipulated by an uncaring master. This tool lives and breathes, loves and soars. This tool is the master’s own reflection.

We are his workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works. 

Today, I felt sad. The thought hit me that I missed something. I missed understanding something 25 years ago, and instead of being glad that I’m seeing it now, I got stuck on what might have happened if I’d known it back then. 

And then I remembered. I remembered that none of this is news to Him. And for whatever reason, I can trust him with the timing of the events in my life. I am certain I am not omniscient, so I can’t know why some things take so much time, but I can be okay with it–  because I don’t want to just live a good life.

I want it to be useful too.  

And above everything else, I know He loves me. God loves me, and I can trust him completely.  

Sometimes we have to let go of our need to know why. . .and just believe. 

May our lives forever be surrendered to the loving providence of the great I am.


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