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hope for miscellaneous Monday 2Perhaps the hardest battle we’ll ever fight is with ourselves.


Maybe it’s an addiction or a failure or guilt or fear, but it’s part of us, and it can seem like our struggle to be free is a lost cause. We push and pull, cry and scream, and stay the same. How can we peel away the shame from our hearts? What will it take to tame our calloused tongue? When will the choices be clear and the pathway straight? And where is our God in the midst of this fight?


Has he given up?

Has he turned his head?

Has he grown tired of our failure?


Miscellaneous Monday - Olympic Blues 3In those times while the war rages on and we long for an answer, an answer has already been spoken. It shook the earth over two thousand years ago, tore a curtain in a temple, and covered up the sun. The almighty God of the universe gave his verdict, and it was love.


So in the times when we’re losing the fight within, in those times, he is there.


I can’t begin to comprehend the way the all-powerful, all-knowing God, perfect and whole, loves each of us so completely, but he does.


So even though you may be weary of the battle and unsure of what’s next, know one thing. He is with you in those times regardless of whether or not you feel it or believe it. Now some may say that if you haven’t said the right things and believed just perfectly then he won’t hear you and he won’t care, but he only turned away once, and once for all, so he won’t have to abandon you. He will help you. He loves you.


Times by Tenth Avenue North is about our struggle, and God’s faithfulness. Because when we are faithless, he remains faithful.


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Fred Larmore
Fred Larmore
10 years ago

He always is.


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