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Through the Balustrade is a sci-fi fantasy novel about a girl’s struggle to understand her gifts and to believe life holds more than what she’s always known.  

Roxan’s strange visions drive her beyond the boundary line in search of answers, but instead of answers she’s faced with the biggest decision of her life – to give her allegiance to someone called “The Leader” or to remain a servant of the master Hyperion.

In a world where the motto, “For the good of all, we give ourselves,” precedes throwing out the old and conforming the young, one girl stands out as the last hope to free a people clinging to a promise.  

This novel looks at issues of faith, responsibility, and recognizing the truth.

If you’ve ever been confused about your purpose, if you’ve ever wondered why life’s turned out the way it has, and if you’ve ever wanted more than what everyone else says should be enough, then come on the journey. 

The characters in Through the Balustrade struggle their way through these issues and battle the world’s definition of truth to find their way to freedom. 

Through the Balustrade comes with a map of the Oblate, glossary of terms, and a character list.

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