front book cover - TtB (low res)Through the Balustrade Synopsis

In the safe haven of the Oblate, Hyperion and the Guardians decide what’s best for everyone. They tell people which village to live in, they raise children in underground facilities, and they modify anyone who’s different.

Roxan is different.

She sees things. Her visions reveal a dark cloud coming—another world. And despite her attempts to stifle the visions, the truth presses in.

Rejected by her peers, she trusts a rebel who sends her across the boundary line to find answers. But instead of answers, she discovers something she never knew existed. Love.

Beyond the village, she uncovers people living outside of Hyperion’s rule. The Outcasts. Their overseer, Altrist guides Roxan to more than she could have imagined—to another Leader who touches her heart with love and leads them all with truth.

But their world is changing.

Hyperion’s hand weighs heavily and strikes hard. As he prepares for the Leader’s return, the Outcasts look for a way through the Balustrade. And one person possesses the ability to see the way out. Roxan. 

Through the Balustrade

If you’ve ever been confused about your purpose, wondered why you’re here, and if you’ve ever wanted more, then it’s time to join the journey. Step outside the boundary lines and silence the lies. The truth will meet you there, and you won’t have to hide any longer. Love, hope, and life await those who make it through the Balustrade.


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