Snowshoe Falls

Through the Balustrade

 “For the good of all, we give ourselves.”

 That’s all Roxan’s heard for the last seventeen turns, but now that she’s graduated from the Raising Home, she’s able to see the Oblate for what it is—a world where people are thrown away, children are ignored, and those who are different get modified. No one else in the villages would agree with her, especially not her Guide, Jonas. All he wants to do is boss her around and get a promotion.

As she searches for answers, she meets Altrist, a young boy who leads a band of Outcasts. He becomes her friend and points her toward the truth, but the best deceptions are colored with the truth, and Roxan finds herself confused and wondering if maybe things aren’t so bad. Maybe she’s just overreacted.

When she’s taken to Hyperion, her gracious leader, he asks her to join him and stop the rebellion that’s started beyond the boundary. Altrist intervenes and urges her to help the Outcasts as they try to escape through the Delineation Barrier. And Jonas continues to meddle in her feelings. Time is running out, and the choice is hers.

Roxan must learn what it means to believe in herself as she opens up her heart to the one person who knows her purpose and the only one who can help her find real freedom through the Balustrade.

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