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The astronomical clockSometimes you just can’t wait until you get it all worked out before you do something.


I’ve had a month off. I took July away to sort out my marketing plan and get a better grasp on my dream, and to write, write, write on my second novel. I didn’t finish any of those things. My marketing plan still bows to my fear of self-promotion. My dream doesn’t seem to be able to compete with my regular paycheck, and penning a novel evidently means writing a bad one first and then starting completely over.


So August slid onto the calendar, without my July being all tidied up. I considered extending my hiatus, but then it occurred to me that if I wait until I figure out what kind of marketer I am, and exactly where this writing thing is supposed to go, and finish my third novel, then I might never blog again. Besides all of that, I miss you guys.


Plus, I could really use some help here. Henry Blackaby says we experience God’s guidance through his word, our circumstances, and through others. So, hi there, sweet others! Any thoughts on how I can get Through the Balustrade to rack up the reviews on Amazon and move up to the bestseller list?


Maybe I shouldn’t bother….


to do list 2See how this goes. One second I want to go all out, and the next I’m saying, “Why bother?” You really have to have some sort of backbone to brave the world where (to some degree) your success lies in the hands of others.


Some people say that if it’s God’s will then it will happen, but I don’t buy that. Sure God works life out for us and gives us strength and guides us (and most certainly in the grand scheme of life his plan will happen), but there’s this little thing about him not doing the work for us. I really don’t think he ever intended for people to sit around doing nothing while waiting on him to shoot their book to the top of Amazon or show them exactly how to share truth with their neighbor or love their wife.


There’s some sort of symbiosis between the mighty hand of God and the frightfully weak mind of man. We’ve got to do something AND trust in God. They aren’t exclusive.


Social Media Awareness 3Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes you should wait. You should be still and rest. You should pause and ponder, but then there are other times when waiting just puts you farther behind and does nothing but dull your heart and fray your dreams.


Let’s face it. Sometimes you just can’t wait until you get it all figured out, before you do something. So, I’m doing something. It’s not perfect or brilliant or even unique, but it’s something.


What are you doing? Was July good to you? How’s your dream going? 

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Fred Larmore
Fred Larmore
9 years ago

Welcome back! I missed your writing. Just last night I started searching for your last email to see how long it had been.
This is a great post for all of us. You are right. It is up to us to do something, start moving, and then God will change our direction if appropriate. But He gave us brains and bodies to use. And that means thinking and moving. Thanks for the reminder, Mary Beth.


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