A good story will show you something. It can remind you of things forgotten or it can uncover hidden truths. It might make you cry or squirm or desperately want another page. Some people smarter than I say that successful people read more than they watch TV. Of course, these people might not be reading stories, but still I kind of think a good book can help you succeed in ways you might not have thought about yet.

So just in case all that’s true, I’ve decided to give you a story each month. Just a short little detour from the busy days of life to remind you of something you may have forgotten.


For January’s story, I’m sharing a story about someone who turned her life around. I’ve had people tell me that a person never really changes, but I know that’s not true. People do change. They can shed the pain, mistakes, and hopelessness, and find a whole new life. It can be done. This is a story about one of those people. Click the image below to read the story!

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