outcasts3In Through the Balustrade, the group of Outcasts who live outside the boundary have not only found a world where they are free from the oppression in the villages, but they’ve also found promises and gifts that point to a new home, a better place. 

Their Leader is an unseen being from a different world, and he’s coming back to claim his own. He draws his followers to himself, gives them gifts, and offers them a life filled with hope, truth, and love.

The Outcasts fumble as they follow, but they’re never completely out. They know their imperfections and how to love whoever winds up in their cave. They hope. They believe, and they love.


A Short List of Outcasts:

Grouper – Ex-sentry, power to guide someone’s emotions, strength

Jahn (Jon) – Musical ability, raised outside the boundary

Thim (Thim) – Raised outside the boundary, no known gifit

Anna – From the protectorate, joined outcasts when she was older

Liza – Raised outside the villages, she can heal others, and is able to transport from one place to another, though she has no control over when and where she goes.

Jun – (June) The power to separate objects with a particular molecular makeup

Ixon  – (Icks – un) The power to separate objects with a particular molecular makeup

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