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Today is Tuneful Tuesday, and if you’ve ever been worn out in your soul and not felt like you could take much more, than be sure to check out today’s video link, Worn by Tenth Avenue North. 


hope for miscellaneous MondayI used to think that being strong meant not getting tired or worn.


I used to assume that walking this road was supposed to be easy and light.


I used to believe that each new day would give me the strength to stay in the fight.


But now I know.


I know that there are days when I’m so broken, I cannot move.


I know that being strong isn’t the same as finding strength.


And I know that on some paths I’ll never go the length.


And I know that I’m not alone


I’ve seen glimpses of redemption’s victory


I’ve watched love knit together a fractured heart


I’ve peaked into my soul and found grace setting it apart.


For when I am weak then I am strong


With a yoke that’s easy and a burden that’s light.


Upon a rock that cannot be shaken


With a hope


That gets me through the brokenness


That gives me might


That carries me when I fall.


For nothing can separate me from this love


I used to think I understood salvation,


But now I know


Life is a response to one long invitation


A constant reply to his constant love.



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