Challenge Guidelines

In my novel, For the Good of All, the civilized people live by a set of Guidelines handed down to them from their guardians and the master of their world, Tatief. These guidelines direct everything in their life from how long they can have a relationship to where their allowed to live. Though everything in this society is under the watchful eye of the guardians, people can do pretty much whatever they want as long as they keep in mind what’s for the good of all.

For the Good of All GuidelinesThe Guidelines for our game of challenges are simple.

  1. Answers can come from anywhere EXCEPT a member of the Dahl family. Don’t ask. We won’t tell.
  2. The grand winner will be the person who correctly accomplishes the final clue first.
  3. No purchase is necessary. 
  4. There are 10 answers but 11 challenges. (That’s a clue.)
  5. Answers must be exact.
  6. In the event that two or more people accomplish the final clue at the same time, the winner will be decided based on their presentation of the final clue.
  7. To successfully complete all of the challenges, you will need to have a phone.
  8. Sharing about my new novel, For the Good of All, will not improve your chances of winning, but it will improve my chances of getting the word out about these sweet characters, being yourself, and accepting God’s love. 
  9. There is no possible way for you to complete the challenges before all ten of the challenges have been released. Nope, nada, nil!
  10. Anyone and everyone can play! 

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