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Supernatural gifts, discarded people, and one girl’s search to know who to trust.

Roxan doesn’t see how special she is.

Abiga doesn’t know how to be loved.

Jonas doesn’t understand success.

Through their eyes, a world is discovered. The characters of Through the Balustrade fight the same battles we do, have the same questions, and make the same mistakes. They just do it all in a place surrounded by a massive energized wall and filled with Guardians, Sentries, plebes, undesirables, and Outcasts. 

These characters battle the world’s definition of truth to find their way to freedom.  May we keep up the battle here, so that all may be free as well.

Click on a picture below to find out more about the characters of Through the Balustrade.

Pictures courtesy of Liz Dahl, the maker of the map. 



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