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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s not scientifically proven or anything, but I’m fairly certain fireflies help to soothe the soul.

Just think about it.

You’re day did NOT go as planned.

You’re crazy dog destroyed an entire room when he freaked out over a few claps of thunder.

You’re doorknob broke off when you hung the grocery bag on it.

And you’re “To Do” list looks like it did yesterday (except now it’s got “fix the doorknob” and “find a doggie psychologist” on it.

Now take that junky stuff and sit it in front of a few hundred fireflies doing their thing on a quiet pre-summer night.


Don’t talk. Just watch them.

It’s like the nighttime is sparkling. They’re little beacons of hope against a backdrop of darkness. And they just keep going, as if they’re putting on this show just for you.

Just for you.

Because you had a hard, long day.

Because sometimes you feel lonely even when there are people around.

Because you’re you, and that’s enough.

And there goes another blink, another flash.

A random burst of enthusiasm telling you to hang in there. You may be a little crushed, but you are not destroyed;

messed up, but not undone;

broken, but not beyond repair.

Life changes, situations change, people change.

What may seem like the end of the world right now is but a blink. So do what you can, live it all thoroughly. This night is almost over, and the fireflies won’t be around for long.

And when all is said and done, when the summer heat drives those frisky bugs away, maybe you’ll find they  left you with a little bit of their sparkle.

Maybe you will see what they saw as they flitted and flew.

Maybe you will see how your life was full of love, and how you really lived it, and how what seemed like an ending was really just the main event.


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