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I wasn’t going to review Breaking Dawn Part Two from the Twilight Saga ‘cause I’m pretty sure if you’re a fan, you really don’t care what I have to say, and if you’re not, you really don’t care about the movie, but I just had to clue you in on the BEST TWIST EVER. Before I go there, though, here’s a quick review on all of the other stuff.

Loud Girl Speaks!

After the movie, I overheard a teenage girl say she’d never seen any of the other Twilight movies, but Part Two was great all on its own (I think the twist has something to do with that), but take it from anonymous, loud girl and ignore my previous comment (November 16th’s review) that you should probably have seen all of the other movies first. Part Two is good (just good…on my movie scale it gets a “5”). It starts well and has some funny lines. “You nicknamed my daughter after a monster!” But its middle sags so much, even reconstructive surgery wouldn’t help. A nap probably would though, so feel free to sleep through the entire finding-other- witnesses and going-to-see-the-mystery-man-in-Seattle parts.

 Screaming, Sobbing, Celebrating

The climactic showdown rips through walls, and makes trudging through the middle worth every soggy step. If you’ve read the book, then you probably have an idea of where things go. I did. I thought I had it all figured out, but actually seeing it on the screen…well…I can’t really compare it to any movie shocker I’ve ever seen. Psycho? No. Maybe The Sixth Sense, except my dear friend Jay (Happy Birthday, Jay!) had already told me the guy was dead, so I really wasn’t surprised. Nope. I can’t think of a single movie twist that got me (or the rest of the theatre) like this one did. People were screaming and sobbing and celebrating all at the same time.

Thousand Tears

Beyond the twist, Christina Perri’s Thousand Years song plays through the credits, and that’s when I cried. Seeing all those people who were part of something that started with a housewife’s dream pulled out my tears. Those were the best done final credits ever. (Cheers to the first Victoria chick! (Rachelle Lefevre))

The movie gets a “5.” The twist and credits get a “10.” So average them together and it’s a “7.5.” That’s pretty good.

 And here’s a link to a beautiful song that makes reading all the way to the end extra special!

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