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social media awareness tumblr 2Like to post your comments for the world to see?

Enjoy looking at photos and watching videos?

Think you might like to be a blogger?


Then Tumblr may be the route for you. Tumblr is a micro-blogging site. Micro-blogging is blogging in miniature. Not miniature, like munchkin. Miniature like Twitter. No wordy, long-winded diatribes there. Nope. Just quick and sassy and keep it moving.


Most of what you see on Tumblr is fast and involves three of your five senses. Tumblr bloggers post multiple times a day, and by post I mean upload a photo or a .gif (video file) or audio files. There is a limit to posts during a 24 hour period–100. Yow! That’s a lot of posts.


Launched in 2007, Tumblr has seen steady growth, especially among young adults. If you like Pinterest, you may like Tumblr. It’s another source for great photos, but instead of craft ideas, you’re more likely to read someone’s opinion on some topic you haven’t thought about it. But more than anything you will find pictures and video clips.


Advertisers use it to show off their merchandise.

Kids use it to express themselves and “see” the world.

Grown-ups use it because it’s an easy and fast way to share.


Tumblr is completely mobile. You can use it from your phone. I mean literally. You can call in a post. Plus you can schedule when your posts appear, and it handles most media platforms. You get your own URL, and BAM! You are officially a Tumblr blogger. (Be sure to customize and actually post stuff. I’d give you my URL, but my Tumblr blog is pathetic right now.)


The downside is the same downside that’s with all the other platforms. Predators and Pornography.


Both are prevalent on Tumblr.


social media awareness tumblr 1You don’t have to be on it long to start seeing that people are looking at things they shouldn’t be. The ease of accessibility makes it a bad idea for curious kids and adults who have a weakness in the area of pornography. Some security features will block adult blogs from Tumblr (if you have those installed), but stuff can still get through.


I think this is going to be a long battle that’s going to depend on people being educated about the serious dangers of pornography. Maybe if there was some understanding, then the prevalence of that stuff on the internet would die down. Maybe I’m not living in reality here. But I have hope. In the meantime, be careful little eyes what you see. It becomes a part of you.


And I digress.


Back to Tumblr. It can be a great blogging format for the visually stimulated and grammatically impaired. And there is a social aspect in it where you can follow other blogs, comment on their posts, and repost stuff. It’s worth a look if you’re interested in blogging, but don’t like to write. If you do like to write, you might want to stick to a more traditional blogging platform like WordPress or Blogger.

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