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Watch out Wednesday takes on another social media platform!


Pinterest Final 4Pinterest got me.


I’d looked at Pinterest a few times, but I’m not much for trying new recipes, and crafts aren’t my thing, plus I’ve heard of the Pinterest Fail and seriously don’t need another thing to fail at, so I steered clear.


Until a few days ago.


I needed to do some research, so I created my own little account, and oh dear, I can see some definite advantages.


You know how sometimes you’re on the internet and you’ll read a quote or see a picture and think, “Oh, I like that.” So maybe you email it to yourself or copy and paste it somewhere that you probably won’t be able to find later. Well, Pinterest takes care of that for you. With Pinterest, you can pin that puppy to your board and have it whenever you want.




You can have several different boards, so you can ORGANIZE.


I’m not a big organizer, but it is helpful when you have a lot of information.

You can even install a little Pinterest pin to your tool bar, so that you can pin stuff that might not be “pin” ready. I pinned a few things from website. For instructions on how to install the pin, check out the wiki – how page  or just go to the goodies in Pinterest and you’ll find it.

Pinterest Final 5Right now on my new Pinterest account, I’ve got a board for movies, music, cats, funny things, Through the Balustrade, and quotes. But I’m still a newbie. I’m planning to creatively name my boards and break them down even farther….Must See Movies, Movie Reviews, Rich Mullins, Inspiring Quotes, Funny Quotes, Stupid Cat Pictures. You get the idea.


AND, I can get on there and look around for a few minutes and then be done. It’s not all about advertising like Twitter seems to be, and it’s not “personal” like Facebook. It’s like picking through someone’s house at their stuff and not having to talk to them. I suppose that might not appeal to extroverts, but I’m very excited.

 Pinterest Final 2

So if you thought Pinterest was just for cooks, cat ladies, and crafty people, think again. There are a bunch of categories to meet a myriad of interests. If you see an exercise you want to try, pin it to your board. If you watch a music video you think you might want to share on FB, pin it to your board.


Getting set up is fairly intuitive. I just figured out how to follow other people’s boards this morning, and I’ve been at this for less than 24 hours.


Yeah, there is an “interaction” part to it. People can “Like” your pins and “Follow” your boards, but you can also make things private and not share them with the world. I’ve been trying to stay away from the poison of being defined by how many “Likes” I get, so having another avenue in my life for that isn’t so great, but I guess it can just give me more practice.


They say Pinterest is your virtual bulletin board with all kinds of stuff you like pinned on it, but I think of it more as a filing cabinet. Either way, it’s a great way to keep track of the interesting stuff you run across on the internet and on Pinterest—everything from stuff you want to buy to pictures of puppies. It’s all there.


Pinterest Final 3

I hope I haven’t just introduced you to something that will eat up your time. Be sure to get outside, talk with real people, and take your own pictures!

And please share your Pinterest stories and advice in the comments!


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