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google+ Social Media AwarenessWhen I decided to write about Google+ for my next Social Media Awareness post, I thought I’d be in and out fairly quickly. I’ve been on Google+ since it began in 2011, and I thought I knew what it was. It’s got the circle thing and the connection to everything Google and well…that was about it, right? Evidently, I’ve been way under-utilizing Google+.


And so I have to strike through the part in this post where I say it’s like the kid sister to Facebook. That would be a poor estimation of what’s going on over there. If you want a family analogy to describe it, you might want to think of Google+ as the grown up, snappy, cool uncle, and Facebook as the pimple-faced, geeky nephew. (Sorry Facebook) Twitter can be the fast-talking cousin who doesn’t have time for either one of them.


google+ Social Media Awareness2I’m pretty sure I’ve totally missed the point of Google+.  I thought it was just a social media platform where you could sort out and compartmentalize your friends, family, acquaintances, etc. And I wasn’t so crazy about that idea. I mean I like to know that I’m not grouped in someone’s “Loser Friend” circle, and I don’t really think of people in terms of circles. They’re all friends to me.


But those circles do have their upsides. I mean if you wanted to just post something to your college buddies or to your family, then Google+ makes it easy. That’s not so bad, especially if your college friends don’t need to worry about your great aunt Bernice’s gall bladder surgery.


There’s a lot more to Google+ than the circles, though.


google+ Social Media Awareness3There’s this whole, huge media thing. Photos, video, sound. Their photo options are more advanced than Facebook, unless you can create your own meme on FB, but I don’t think you can without knowing some special code. And Google+ has taken video chatting to an entirely new level.


I can’t really give you a lot of details, though. Details would take many hours of research, and I’ve got a novel to write, so if you want to know more about Google+, check out this Google+ aficionado. I watched a few of his videos and yowzer.



Don’t worry though, I’m not jumping the Facebook ship. Facebook is easy, and I know it, but I think I’ll definitely be trying to make better use of my Google+ account.


Here are your pros and cons (from my limited knowledge)

google+ Social Media Awareness4



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10 years ago

I appreciate your being my “cliff notes” to things like Google+, Instagram, hashtags…. That way I don’t have to ask my girls and get “the look”:)


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