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How Many Unanswered Prayers Does It Take?

Jul. 31, 2022 by

God didn’t answer my prayers. Okay, I guess the appropriate way to write that would be God said no to my prayer. I really only prayed once, and no is an actual answer. (I forget that sometimes.) It seemed like

What to Do When the Story Doesn’t Have a Happy Ending

Feb. 6, 2020 by

This is sad. I’ll tell you that from the start, so you won’t get your hopes up and think maybe it works out. It doesn’t. Lots of people have tried to help. Friends. Coworkers. Neighbors. Strangers. From the start, they

Devotional — Wait

Devotional — Wait

Feb. 3, 2013 by

Prayer is a weird thing when you think about. You’re actually talking to the creator of the universe. That can be hard to believe. I mean why would he even want to hear what I have to say? And it


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