Burn the Ships – Let Go of the Bad Stuff and Move On to Freedom

Feb. 27, 2020 by

I looked at my options and realized I needed to move on—to let it go. It wasn’t easy. It seems we often hold on thinking if we just give something a little bit longer, it will somehow get better. That’s

Love Forgives You When You Make It Sick

Feb. 14, 2020 by

I’ve been sick for the last few days. At first, I thought it was a cold, and then I jumped to the Coronavirus, and finally I landed on rabies (from my cat bite). However, I seem to have turned the

Finding Freedom by Not Being Who You Thought You Were

Oct. 25, 2018 by

When you discover you’re not the person you thought you were you might get a little down. It’s okay. A bubble that big getting popped can stop a person. But only for a little while. After the shock wears off,

Exchanging the Truth for Augmented Reality

Feb. 21, 2018 by

Discovering Augmented Reality I leaned toward the TV. “How are they doing that?” The opening ceremony of the Olympics had me mesmerized. A hundred lights floated heavenward. Magical. And then Katie Couric’s voice interrupted the scene, “You should know, by

I See You and the World is Better for It

Feb. 14, 2018 by

Creepy or Encouraging? There’s a creepy trend coming from parents and fans at high school sporting events. I heard about it at work the other day. It was supposed to be encouraging—a push for us to cheer one another on,

Weasel Words Hurt More Than Help – Dump ‘em and Speak Truth

Weasel Words Hurt More Than Help – Dump ‘em and Speak Truth

Jun. 16, 2016 by

Weasel Word – A word used in order to avoid being clear or direct. (Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary) So close. I’ve been telling folks I’ve completed my second novel in the Balustrade series. I just have to weed out some weasel

Truth – The Honest Warrior Still Stands

Truth – The Honest Warrior Still Stands

May. 5, 2016 by

The truth is supposed to set you free, but sometimes that’s hard to see when you’re in the middle of the darkness wondering how things will ever get better. I’m sitting in the hospital as I type. No sleep, so

I’m Tired of Waiting for the Purpose Epiphany

I’m Tired of Waiting for the Purpose Epiphany

Mar. 30, 2016 by

Finding our purpose can be challenging, but knowing we have purpose doesn’t have to be.  My last post was about how I felt like I had gotten into a rut. Now, two weeks later, there have been a few glimpses

The Victim Villa – It’ time to move out

The Victim Villa – It’ time to move out

Jul. 9, 2015 by

  There appears to be a place just south of common sense where victims go to make their permanent residence. It’s a sprawling estate replete with all kinds of rooms where the simple person can share a lament and look

The World Needs Your Stories

The World Needs Your Stories

Jun. 2, 2015 by

Your stories can bring life and hope into someone else’s darkness. There’s this nagging question thing that keeps slowing me down. I’ll be going along minding my own business, and then BAM! it’s all over me making me wonder about


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