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The Art of Asking for Help in a World of the Strong

Mar. 27, 2019 by

It’s hard to accept help when you’re too competitive, proud, concerned, or insecure to take it. My husband and I have this little arrangement. He does the dishes on Monday and Tuesday nights, and I do them on Wednesday and

Humility and the Broken and Messed Up Warrior

Mar. 14, 2018 by

Don’t Bumble Your Humble I really messed up. It was one of those mistakes that makes you question a lot of things. And irony of ironies, my last blog was about getting a do-over. Little did I know I’d be

Slow Mail Tuesday — Dear Pride,

Slow Mail Tuesday — Dear Pride,

Feb. 19, 2013 by

Dear Pride,  With all my pity parties and self-degradation, I didn’t really think I knew you, but as it turns out we’re actually pretty close. I had heard that Pride isn’t thinking too much of yourself, but rather thinking of


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