An Impossible Goal, Failure, and Warriors Don’t Stop

Sep. 30, 2021 by

I set an impossible goal. My goal was to run a 5k—the entire race (as opposed to walking). For many of you, that probably sounds like easy beans, but for me, it was a stretch. When I first set the



Apr. 1, 2014 by

Perhaps the hardest battle we’ll ever fight is with ourselves.   Maybe it’s an addiction or a failure or guilt or fear, but it’s part of us, and it can seem like our struggle to be free is a lost

Word of the Week–Compatriot

Word of the Week–Compatriot

Apr. 2, 2013 by

Compatriot — fellow countryman, comrade, friend Maybe it’s a stretch to think of a friend as a compatriot, but I think there’s something to the kind of connection nationality can bring. If you’ve ever spent an extended time in another


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