If Only There Were Someone Who Could Give Us Hope

Apr. 23, 2020 by

Life keeps chipping away at my hope. This past week, I rushed forward when I should have hit pause. Someone requested an online job interview, and I jumped on it despite the feeling of something not being right. After the

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The Art of Asking for Help in a World of the Strong

Mar. 27, 2019 by

It’s hard to accept help when you’re too competitive, proud, concerned, or insecure to take it. My husband and I have this little arrangement. He does the dishes on Monday and Tuesday nights, and I do them on Wednesday and

Miracles for the Godless – God Helps Who He Wants to

Miracles for the Godless – God Helps Who He Wants to

Oct. 6, 2016 by

My blog post for today got derailed. I had this inspiring little essay on how our dreams require hard work, but instead I’ve been pondering a recurring question.  You’re going to think this is crazy, but maybe I’m not alone. 


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