young woman in computer labIf you’re like me, you’re always fishing around checking things out.

To help you in your web surfing, I’ve compiled a list of blogs I follow. Many of them are my writer friends. Many of them are published and polished. And many of them are devotional in nature. 

I don’t know what it is. Maybe my love of watching people, but I find skimming through people’s blogs to be a way for me to listen in on their conversations without having to leave my house. It also helps me know them a little better, and I especially like that.

I’ve included some of my favorite websites too. What can I say? I’m an internet pusher!

They’re all links, so just click on them to take a journey into someone else’s world!

The Write Conversation

The Fibonacci Faith

Writer’s Block

Deeper with Jesus in Rhode Island

Rhyme and Reason

Out of the Boat

Vonda Skelton

The Disorganized Ramblings of a Proud Graphomaniac


Musings and Malfunctions

Unbarbaric Yawp

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