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On my way to and from work every day, I listen to 90.5 PER FM. It’s a great way to start and end my day.  There’s one song I heard on there that’s become my writing theme song, and I wanted to share it with you.




Words, by Hawk Nelson talks about the power in our words to do good and to do harm.

Whoever came up with that “sticks and stones” thing had it all wrong.

What we say (or write) does matter.

That goes for texts, posts, and comments too. And I think it’s good to keep myself aware of how words can influence people toward the truth or pull them farther away.

Because I like this song so much, I’ve decided to make it part of my next big giveaway.

Check out the July Contest page to find out how you could win the new Hawk Nelson CD Made AND a $10 iTunes gift card. Let the good music flow!



Also, this week’s going to be all about Hawk Nelson.

Tomorrow, I’ll give you a little of the band’s history.

Wednesday and Thursday be sure to check back for a special interview with Daniel Biro from Hawk Nelson.

And Friday, I’ll announce the contest winner and share a music video (my personal rendition) of the song Words.

Happy Monday! Let the fun begin!

And watch your words, folks cause . . .

                “Words can build you up

                Words can tear you down

                Put a fire in your heart

                Or put it out”.  . .




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