Posted by on January 15, 2013

My Dear Blog Reader,

Let me just start off by saying “Thank you!” Thank you for taking your time to stop by here and read something. Thank you for when you’ve tapped away at the keys to write me or leave a comment. And thank you for subscribing and for when you’ve shared Messed Up and Broken with your Facebook Friends or on Twitter or on your own blog.               

Thank you!Blog and stuff 045

I want you to know that this means a lot to me. Who knew I’d actually like blogging?! I hadn’t wanted to start a blog because I never figured I had much to say…I still question this, but somehow writing about a word for the week, asking some weird question, learning about the quadratic formula, and writing short stories has all been like a special gift to me. (Not to mention it’s really helped me get out to the movies more, so I can keep up with my weekly movie review!) I say it’s a special gift for me because it’s gotten me thinking and writing and looking outside myself at other people. It’s gotten me to try to be helpful, to try to write better, and to do all of that within the confines of good grammar. 

I do want this blog to be helpful and entertaining and a safe place for you. I pray for you. Some of you I know by name because you’ve subscribed (except for the two mystery subscribers who I can’t figure out!), and I pray for you by name. I pray for the other people who visit too. Sometimes it’s “Lord, bless that person from Ireland who happened upon my post about One Direction…” (My statistics tell me how many people stop by and what country they come from.) 

When I took a few blogging weeks off during the holidays, I missed you. I know you don’t read every blog, and I don’t expect you to. This isn’t like that. But when I’m not writing, and I don’t hear from you, I miss you all the same. It’s a strange world we live in now. That I can sit at my table and write you a letter, and within the span of a minute, you can read it. Sometimes I’m silenced by the wonder of that. Our words are a big responsibility for us. With them we build others up, and with them we can tear people down. I hope my words only ever build you up. 

I didn’t want this to get too sappy, but I did want you to know that there are two people I do this for…one made the universe and the other one is you.


Mary Beth

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11 years ago

Thank YOU, Mary Beth! I enjoy your blog and I am amazed by all you have to say:) I wish I would be as steady a blogger as you… Miss seeing you.

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