Posted by on November 20, 2012

Dear New Friend,

Coming from the South, I’ve heard some pretty negative things about Yankees. Some news story about a crazy driver would come out, and heads would nod around the room as someone grumbled, “Probably some Yankee.” If anyone was ever rude in a store, it had to be because they moved here from the North. And if someone didn’t bother to say “hi” back to you as you passed on the street, then they weren’t from around here either.

But you’re not like that at all, and you said you’re from New Jersey? And your sister lives in New York City?

I could hardly believe it when you brought my daughter a cupcake for her birthday. You’d just met us! That you even thought to bring us something in the midst of a bunch of Directioners (see Monday’s post) amazes me still.

Maybe it was a little bit of the situation that bonded us, but I think a big part of it was that you’re just a really neat person (and your sisters are too). Did you know that they took orders for our breakfast bagels before they left for the night? 

Actually after spending four days in the Big Apple, I’ve come to the conclusion that New Yorkers have gotten a bad rap. Everyone I met, and that includes the servers, ticket takers, and salesmen, was friendly and kind. The only people who seemed abrupt and annoyed were the taxi drivers and tourists. (Oh, and the people trying to sell us comedy show tickets were annoying too, but at least they were friendly.)

Anyway, thank you. I’m glad to have met you and that we’re friends now, and that we’re staying in touch. I guess you never can know where a new friend is to be made. It could be in the grocery store, at the library, or sitting on the sidewalk on 5th Avenue in New York City.


Mary Beth


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Sarah Bailey
Sarah Bailey
11 years ago

We found the same to be true on our trips to the City. New Yorkers were very kind and helpful. Another great blog entry! 🙂

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