Posted by on April 9, 2013

42-15765443Did you see me standing behind you?

You probably didn’t, what with your shopping cart and your cell phone taking up all of your attention.

The carts really aren’t designed to roll sideways, by the way.

And who were you talking to? I’ve never heard someone talk so seriously about the value of peas and carrots.

You didn’t hear me, did you? I sometimes heavy sigh without thinking about it, and it can come across as if I’m annoyed. 

I’ve really been trying NOT to get annoyed at being stuck behind someone who’s also got somewhere to be. I know I can be impatient at times. It’s a great big world, and we’ve all got to share it, right? So if you happen to be camped out in front of the last few boxes of Milk Duds, then I can wait. I don’t need to rush you. 

I’m also trying not to be so judgmental about the way you and your friends walk side by side blocking any hope I have of making a fast-break around you.

It’s really great that you guys are such close friends

It’s good too that you don’t let other people determine how you walk through this life or what formation your little posse takes on as it roams the corridors of the mall. 

It’s not just in stores that I get this way.

It happens when I drive too.

It just seems like when I have some place to be, I often find myself behind someone who doesn’t seem to know where he actually is. I would love to give him directions, but every time I try to pass him, he speeds up, and I get trapped behind someone in the left lane who’s either talking on her cell phone or practicing a very dramatic monologue.

I just wanted you to know that I’ve taken to praying for you (during the extra time I have while I coast behind you).

Maybe that will help both of us.

I know that most of this problem lies with me, and I’m really sorry if I’ve made you feel bad with my sighs or grumpy looks.

You don’t deserve that.

I know if I were ever in someone’s way, I’d want them to shoot me some grace and not glare at me as they pass by, so I’m going to try my hardest to send some patience your way. 

Life’s too short to spend all those extra, slow minutes behind you being grumpy and frustrated. Instead, I’m going to think about it as if it’s just the gift of a little extra time to count my blessings and be reminded that this little old world is not all about me.




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Pam Deyerle
Pam Deyerle
11 years ago

Are you sure you weren’t with me today at Target, you know, with the one person and cart, and cell phone, walking as slowly as possible down the middle of the aisle? Or maybe you were with me while I had to take a nap in the car to pass the time while waiting for the two individuals to cross the drive aisle from Food Lion to the parking lot. So yes, I not only feel your frustration, but I just lived it today! But I need to do a lot better taking the approach in your last paragraph. Less… Read more »

Karen Vandervelde
Karen Vandervelde
11 years ago

This made me chuckle today. Love this! Wish I could say I totally don’t relate… but I did every line;)

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