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MP900386038Hey there! I know you’re not so bad anymore. I mean a few days ago you were 6 -12 inches of snow. Now you’re only rain. That’s not so bad. Well, unless a person was counting on getting a day off from school, but I wasn’t going that direction. 

How does it feel to wreak so much havoc? People have done extra shopping, students are now doing the homework they’ve put off in hopes of a free day, and no one’s happy with you. 

I bet it doesn’t bother you at all. You’re a forecast, a prediction. You make no promises, so it’s really not your problem. You just give people your best guess, but you don’t really know what will happen. None of us do. 

Someone told me today that he didn’t have a lot of hope he would ever do anything great. His forecast for his life was pretty grim. He can’t see how gifted he is, how he makes people laugh, or how he notices others and helps them. All he can see is what his family’s been like and all the stuff he can’t do. I told him he could change his forecast. 

He’s different from you, Mr. Bad Weather Forecast. You just go with the data you have and give it your best guess. But he can go past the data and family history, and he can create something new. You just report what you see, but he can actually change the picture. 

I don’t know if he will, but I hope for him.

I suppose there have been many lives that have had bad forecasts to them, but then ended up being pretty good after all. A forecast can help you get ready and show you things you need to take care of, but it’s the actual living and moving through each minute that creates a life that is happy and healthy and going places. 

Thanks for the reminder Mr. Bad Weather Forecast. I won’t let the world define me or even what I might think of myself. Instead, I’ll take that information and move forward doing the best I can to become the kind of person I want to be.




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