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Here are a few of the short stories I’ve written. Click the link to read away the day!

What Should Annie Do? –A girl is faced with the question of whether or not to translate her heart away.

A Still Love –A man hears that his sweetheart, who just so happened to marry the wrong man, is dying.

The Stories–A young woman discovers real love through the eyes of an elderly friend.

Chris N. Art–Even kitchen appliances have feelings…

Choosing Sides–It’s hard to know who to follow when you’re not sure what you’re fighting for.

Friends Forever–Some things even death can’t separate.

Newsflash–When the end comes, will you fall to your knees or reach for your camera?

Deep Water–A little lesson on not settling in the shallow waters.

Be Real–Avoiding the problems doesn’t make you any more real. It makes you lonely, and a target.

A Pinprick of Hope–Hurt people push back. That doesn’t mean we should lose hope in them.

8 1/2 Hours–What would you do if you thought you were going to plummet to your death?

A Weird and Wonderful World–To some it’s weird and horrible, but to those who know the secret, it’s the most wonderful world of all.

Miracle Rides–Love. It’s not the easy road.

The Full Life–There’s no room for pride in the full life.

A Stranger in the House–Sometimes things aren’t what they seem.


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