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I’m trying to write a horror story. The concept came easily enough, but I’m finding I keep procrastinating when it comes to getting down to the details. My empathetic heart finds it disturbing to get into the mind of someone succumbing to the dark side.

I don’t even watch scary movies, and most of my stories, though sometimes weird, haven’t veered off into the world of the terrible. Until now. Now, I’m trying to stretch myself and make it as a writer, and this story was the only one that fit the submission guidelines for this publisher.

So, I keep glancing that direction, knowing what I need to do, but putting it off.

This isn’t just happening with my writing either.

Don’t Look at the Terrible 

Lately, I’ve had to face some facts. It’s not been easy, and it’s brought me to a crossroads.

I hadn’t been wanting to deal with any of it because if what I think is true, then it’s terrible and heartbreaking and painful.

To avoid the anguish, I’ve hesitated to take a long, hard look at the facts. I’ve glanced at them, skirted them, and denied the obvious.

Maybe if I keep everything right where it is, it will somehow get better.

Of course, that hasn’t gotten my story written for me. And it’s not worked for the last two years as I’ve kept my mouth shut and ignored excuse after excuse.

Facing the Monster

So, I decided to face down the terrible. I spoke truth to someone, and it hurt them. It hurt me too. And I could very well have been wrong about it all. Maybe all those facts didn’t really add up to what I thought they did. I don’t know.

But I did discover one thing. There’s freedom in the truth. The terrible can’t survive the true. Truth deflates it and makes it not so scary. Even the ugliest of things can be put in their horrible place with a little bit of truth, light, and perspective.

A very wise person told me recently that the truth can run around naked. It’s the lies we need to worry about covering up. I don’t want to be the kind of person who covers up stuff—who ignores the obvious because it’s hard to deal with.

Warriors don’t do that.

Flipping on the Light

Battles aren’t won by lying down and accepting someone else’s warped reality. If they’re ever to be freed from the beast, then someone might just need to fight for them, and that fighting might look harsh and mean, but it’s not. It’s the most loving thing we can ever do – to not let someone continue in their lying.

So, I’m flipping on a light. If I’m wrong, then let the truth come out. And if I’m right then maybe this person will see how much I love them. Do you have someone you need to confront? A horror story you need to whip into shape?

Honesty is a good place to start. 



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7 years ago

You are a warrior!! So very grave! May your honesty and love bring deep insight and growth into their life. And may I grow into an honest-truth-sharing warrior too.


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