Posted by on January 24, 2013

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is

dressed in overalls and looks like work.”  

Thomas A. Edison 

Stock PhotosI didn’t get the job. I wasn’t going to mention it because it’s a downer and I’m trying to be positive on here, but I’m also trying to be real, and I figured I either had to only post that Edison quote and nothing else or let you in on me being sad. 

So here’s to feeling like you’re not good enough! I don’t mean that sarcastically. I just got rejected. I wasn’t good enough.

But that doesn’t define me.

And it doesn’t stop me either. I’m a writer.

Rejection is part of my life.

And I am developing a kind of perseverance through this type of adversity. It’s going to help me become the person that I want to be (see the about me page and then write one for yourself). And this overhaul on my character somehow makes hope more of a reality today than it was yesterday. 

Still, it doesn’t feel that great right now.

Maybe this is that “dressed in overalls” thing. Getting to where we want to be isn’t all cheers and affirmation. There’ll need to be some blisters to be dealt with. Some work.

It’s actually good to know I’m going to have to work to get what I want. Once that’s settled I can stop being surprised when stuff doesn’t come easily. In writing, I have to keep working on it and putting myself out there. And I suppose I’ll have to keep looking for a full-time job….unless maybe my novel becomes the next best seller….it’s still okay to dream. 

And one final thought…I can’t really blame this on God and say,“I guess God just didn’t want me to have this job.”

Maybe he didn’t want me to have it, but the truth of that is NOT verified simply by the fact that I didn’t get it. When we don’t get what we want in life or when things don’t go our way, there are usually reasons which don’t involve the almighty intervention of God. No, to find out God’s perspective on all of this, I’ll need to go beyond the rejection notice.

One thing I can say for sure, though, is that there are deeper things at work in life than just getting what we want, and that is a very good thing. 

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marcia moston
11 years ago

Love love love your last sentence. I’ve read perseverance builds character. . . Thanks for the vulnerability.

Samantha Roberts
Samantha Roberts
11 years ago

Two weeks ago I was reading John in my quiet time and came across John 6:70 “Have I not chosen you?” (Jesus was speaking to the Twelve). For some reason I was drawn to look up the Greek behind that word “chosen”, and the definition went something like this “to select something for yourself out of a group of things without necessarily implying the rejection of everything else.” In the middle of musing over what implication that might have in the verse I suddenly blurted out: “I didn’t get that job I interviewed for Monday, did I?” All at once… Read more »


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