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MP900315598So far my pursuit to learn complex math has fallen short. What can I say? I read about the quadratic formula, and all I can think about is how early Babylonians were using higher math way back when….and we think we’re super advanced. Pppht.

I’m far more interested in the story behind the equation than the actual use of it. Still, I haven’t given up. It would be nice to not be shown up in the math department by some accelerated sixth grader. Of course, saving “face” isn’t my only goal here. I want to be smarter and tap into those areas of my brain that lie dormant.

Besides the next time I need to figure out a differential equation, I’ll be jumping all of over that quadratic thingy. (I don’t really know what I just said.)

From what I can tell (so far), the quadratic formula helps you figure out why.  But why what? That’s the mystery I’m still trying to solve!

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were an equation in life that would explain the why of any given situation? Why doesn’t that person like me? Why did my friend get fired for no apparent reason? Why am I feeling down right now? Why did this happen to me…? We could just pop a few factors into place and suddenly we would have the answers.

It doesn’t work that way, though. Some answers are only found when we search for them. Some answers take outside help like therapy. And some answers never come. I’ve often wondered why God wouldn’t just give us the answers we seek. Is it a cop out to say “He has his reasons, and I should blindly trust”?  Is that me just giving up on getting things all figured out?

Why would someone who knows all things and loves me completely NOT want me to know something? Perhaps it’s for the same reason I don’t give my dear child all the answers when she asks…because it’s better for her to figure some things out for herself.

Life isn’t as simple as we’d like it to be. And math isn’t just a bunch of adding and subtracting. Isn’t that a good thing, though? If it were easy, it wouldn’t be worth much. If it were just addition and subtraction, it would take forever to multiply and divide!

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Wilma Loy
Wilma Loy
11 years ago

so good, i am so proud of u


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