front book cover - TtB (low res)Technically the title of this page should be “novel”. Singular. But I’m working on that.

My debut novel “Through the Balustrade” will be out soon.

What started as a way for me to express a few things morphed into a fantastic journey of a young girl who finds herself in a place she doesn’t want to be with an ability she doesn’t want to have. It’s a story of self-discovery and a story of love. Of course, all of that is set in front of a world where the people who supposedly work for the good of all are also the ones who lock their children underground and send their old out to die.

The Sacrifice“, (working title) my second novel, received a fatal diagnosis from a popular editor (probably shouldn’t publicize that), so before  I send it off for someone to actually reject, I’ve decided to do a major rewrite. And by “major” I mean I’m taking one of the characters out of the story completely. Poor Abby. She just doesn’t fit the bill of love interest (since she’s married and the male lead isn’t. Besides, I really want things to work out for her and Bobby). When it finally gets finished, it will be a scary love story between a feisty agent (Jules) and a man marked by evil and under the control of the Malofisk, a deadly sect of half-humans, half-spirit beings. 

Beyond the Wall”  (working title) is a sequel to “Through the Balustrade“. This second novel in the trilogy  delves into the idea of perseverance and faith. What happens when the doubts you have are louder than your answers? What do you do when you just can’t shake the bad feelings and the good in life seems to be forever just out of reach? This novel follows favorite characters Roxan, Abiga, and Jonas as they find their foundation challenged by loss, insecurity, crazy divats, and deadly scinters.

100 Days“, a novella, is my first attempt at realistic fiction. It’s hard for me not to try to throw in some weird supernatural oddity or amazing ability, but for this story, it really seemed best to let the main character find her way back to loving her husband without including aliens, monsters, or the occult. This work won third place in the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writer’s Conference unpublished authors contest in the Novella category.

The Stories” is a novella I’m developing from a short story I wrote. Check it out, if you don’t mind knowing the ending. I really liked this story about a young, heart broken woman who discovers love by spending time with an elderly woman. Amy learns that true love has a lot to do with being who you are and helping someone else do that too. You can read the short story here: The Stories.

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